2019 P.I.L.O.T.S. Convention

Congratulations to our junior high and high school students for their achievements at P.I.L.O.T.S. Convention this year!

Nathan G. – 5th in Color Graphic Design
Ben G. – 5th in Sketching
Abby K. – 2nd in Wildlife Color Photography
Abby G. – 4th in Knitting/Crocheting
Julia N. – 1st in Baking
Abby G. – 1st in Woodwind Solo
Casey R. – 2nd in Beginner Piano Solo
Gavin S. – 3rd in Beginner Piano Solo
Abby G. – 2nd in Intermediate Piano Solo
Mary N. – 3rd in Intermediate Piano Solo
Mary, Julia, Naomi N. – 3rd in Misc. Instrumental Ensemble
Abby K. & Naomi N. – 4th in Female Duet
Gavin S. & Gage S. – 2nd in Male Duet
Mary, Julia, Naomi N. – 4th in Female Trio
Ben G., Cincere C., Gage S. – 4th in Male Trio
Nathan G., Cayne H., Sam G., Gabe A. – 3rd in Male Quartet
Gavin, Mary, Sam, Grace – 4th in Mixed Quartet
Isaac, Daniel, Naomi, Ashlee – 5th in Mixed Quartet
Joe, Isaac, Daniel, Cincere, Ben, Gabe, Sam, Cayne, Nathan, Gavin – 5th in Small Ensemble
Naomi, Abby G., Ashlee, Abby K., Kendall, Alexis, Julia, Casey, Grace, Skyler, Mary – 3rd in Small Ensemble
Junior High & High School Choir – 3rd in Choir
Abby G. – 1st in Jr. High Math Calculations
Mary – 1st in Essay Writing
Gavin, Sam, Gage, Ben – 5th in Academic Bowl
Gage – 2nd in Male Illustrative Storytelling
Gage – 5th in Male Poetry