Spirit Week at BBA!

Our students and staff showed off their school spirit last week by dressing in themed outfits each day. Monday was Future Career Day, Tuesday was Cowboys & Indians Day, Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday, Thursday was Injury or Illness Day, and Friday was School Colors Day. The festivities climaxed during our Field Day on Friday as the students participated in games and competitions such as dodge ball, big ball volleyball, tug-of-war, hot dog eating contest, and duct taping Frankie, Titus, and Mr. Schroeder to the wall. Congratulations to Miss Beadles’ class for winning this year’s penny drop and to Frankie and Victoria’s team for winning the spirit week competition. Thank you to our junior class for planning, preparing, and running the games during our Field Day and to all who participated throughout the week. We love being a part of Bible Baptist Academy!


Snapshots of our Fun-Filled Week